Here are the last three examples of how we got people the same or better rates than the Pirce Gun or the little green thing:

Bruce Logan from Lincoln - saved $700 dollars total on his insurance package that included Rocklin Auto Insurance, Rocklin Home Insurance, and other policies.

Jackie from Placerville had to re-start coverage after a lapse. She had quotes from some of the "big boys" out there and we buried them all. Her Personal Auto Insurance ended up being about $250 a year cheaper than the next best quote! 

Dennis from Antelope found us on an internet search - he had been struggling to get service from his existing Personal Auto Insurance carrier - we came in, took over and fixed all of his issues. 

Dennis even gave us the quote of the year when he was in our office - "This no agent thing is for the birds!"

We have been at this for 15 years. We live here, we shop here and we do business here... come and join us! No one takes care of you like family!