Winter Travel Survival Kit
If you are planning a winter driving adventure, after you have your vehicle in great shape, you need to have at least a basic ‘survival’ kit inside your car. Obviously if you are heading into a sparsely traveled area, you will know conditions and plan accordingly. Here are some basics to start with and they don’t take up a lot of space.
Emergency candles (long burning) First aid kit
Lighter and matches Car emergency kit (flares, duct tape, tools)
Pocket knife Kitty litter or a couple of carpet squares
Whistle Bright colored fabric strips to tie to antennae
Flashlight and extra batteries Blanket
Granola snacks Small snow shovel
At least 1 gallon of water Solar charger for cell phone
And of course the other part of winter traveling is to know exactly where you are going, knowing that your GPS or travel app isn’t always aware of seasonal road conditions. Those little dotted lines on roads through the mountains or sparsely populated areas are there for a reason. Not a good idea for winter travel! Of course, you will be providing a friend or relative with your travel information.
IF something goes wrong, your best chance of rescue and survival is to stay calm and do not leave your vehicle. Try to keep your vehicle clear so you can be seen. Clear the tailpipe so when you run the car you won’t get poisoned by gas, and crack a window when running the engine. Only run a few minutes each hour to conserve gas. Always start with a full tank and a fully charged cell phone. Carry a car charger for your phone. Even if you don’t have phone reception, try sending a text message - these will sometimes go through when a call won’t.

As always, common sense works best in case of an emergency. Travel Safe!

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