Spending Traps to Avoid (Those Catchy Advertising Methods)
The biggest spending time of the year is approaching. You have heard all the tips and advice to keep your expenditures under control. Here are some more things that advertisers do to cause you to open your wallet without thinking.
1. Appealing to our “greed,” “envy” and other ‘sins.” Your neighbors will be so envious of your new car, that new restaurant downtown will give you lots of food for your money, that perfume or after shave will make you irresistible.
2. Emotional hot button spending. Hope - if I buy this then I will feel or look better. Trust - if that celebrity uses this product then I will have that same confidence or sense of reliability. Pleasure - instant gratification. (Need we say more?) Excitement - massive markdowns, super sales, limited availability. Tsk Tsk Tsk.
3. Being one of the crowd. EVERYBODY else has one! Being part of the crowd. Goodness, you don’t want to be left out.
4. Using really attractive people to sell things that the advertisers know you want. Remember, that a lot of the pictures are Photoshopped, and video ads can be manipulated. Buying that product is not going to suddenly transform you into looking like that person in the ad.
5. Repetition. If you hear the ad enough times telling you that YOU NEED THIS, then, yes, you are probably going to run out and buy it. (Turn the sound off or change channels).
6. Glossing over the cost. Do Your Homework!! How much is the shipping and handling? Yikes!! Can you buy it for less locally? That’s the small stuff. Now, take a close look at buying a car (low down/low payment/length of contract or lease). Zero down and no closing costs on a home purchase. Those loans are going to cost a great deal all along the life of the loan.
7. Funny ads that distract you. When you see, read or hear a funny ad, its designed to distract you from what is being sold to you. Get past the humor, and you will probably discover that you just might not need this item.

Now, take that money you saved and spend it wisely!

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