Safe Shopping
Its that time of year again to brave the crowds and go in search of the ‘perfect’ gift for all those folks on your list. Whi le a lot of
our shopping habits have changed with the ease of online shopping, there is still something special about walking through
stores and looking at the ‘real thing.’ Unfortunately, the risk of mishaps and thefts is probably higher shopping in person rather
than online. So here are some things to remember:
1. Small purse or wallet that you can carry in an inside pocket or with a strap over your head and held across your body.
2. One debit or credit card and very little cash if possible.
3. Shield card machine with your body while swiping. Anyone with a decent smart phone camera
can capture that PIN in no time. And take your receipts.
4. Don’t get overloaded with shopping bags that can be grabbed easily. Always keep one hand
free. If you are close to where your car is parked, unload some of your purchases into the
trunk or covered back luggage area.
5. Avoid chatting or texting while you are shopping. If you have to talk on the phone, sit down
and make sure your bags are right by your body.
6. If you stop for a snack, do not hang your bag on the back of the chair.
7. Park in a well lighted area (if shopping at night). If you park in a garage be aware of other
vehicles around you when returning to your car.
8. Keep your keys in your hand when approaching your car. Get in right away and lock the
9. Be aware of what is going on around you. Thieves are quick and bad things can happen in a
matter of seconds.
And a couple of online safe shopping tips:
1. Know who you are buying from. If shopping on a less well known site, do some research
before buying. Make sure this is a reputable business!
2. When you have items shipped, make sure they are going to a safe delivery address such as a
Post Office box, or your work address. If need be, pay a little extra for insurance and proof of

delivery. And always ask for tracking information.

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