Hard work, money, heart and soul to make your house a pretty picture as folks drive or walk past. But is it too pretty? Are there invitations for someone to break and enter and undo all that peace and beauty? Here are some ways you might have created an open door.

1. How’s that front door looking? Or a screen door? Chipped paint, torn screens or missing hinges can send a message that it might be pretty easy to walk right in. Fix the screen and the hinges, or remove the outer door. A fresh coat of paint on the front door is a quick and easy fix.

2. Only a single lock on the front door? Easily burgled, unfortunately. A double lock can make all the difference. And at a minimal cost.

3. Big box trash is quite an invitation. The wrappings from a new big screen television should be kept inside until garbage day. Shipping containers from online shopping left in the open can lure thieves. Don’t advertise your purchases!

4. A dark exterior provides a ‘safe’ place for someone to break in. Motion sensor activated lights are an inexpensive protection creating a protection barrier around your home.

5. Bushes and shrubs planted under first floor windows create an obstacle against coming in a window. You might want to consider something with thorns or branches that make a lot of noise of stepped on or moved aside. Trim lower branches of tall trees to prevent using them as a ladder to get to a second story.

6. Don’t let mail accumulate in an outside mailbox if you are away. Request that the post office hold your mail, or have a neighbor pick it up on a daily basis. And cancel the newspaper if you are away for any length of time.

7. Think about what is visible in your house from the outside. Shades, drapes or opaque glass are good protection. Dark sky and lit interior at night provide quite a look to someone cruising for an easy break-in.

8. Advertising an empty house is not a good idea. Set a radio to come on, time a couple of lights for turning on at night. Have a neighbor park their car in your driveway. Set the sprinklers to come on regularly.

9. An alarm system. They take a bit of financial investment, but a quality alarm system is a huge burglar deterrent, and a necessary one if you live in a high-crime neighborhood. Do your research and pick a reputable alarm company – thieves know the bad and bogus alarm system signs – and consider high-tech options, such as alarms with a camera that allow you to monitor your home from anywhere.

Keep your home safe. We don’t want you to have to file a claim!

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