Fires, floods, earthquakes…. It’s been quite a year and its not over yet. Of course, let’s hope we are done with all

of these events. We occasionally publish longer lists of emergency supply suggestions to always have at the ready In case we aren’t finished with unexpected events, here are some reminder disaster tips to be aware of.

1. 14 gallons of water for each member of your family - one gallon per person per day for two weeks.

2. Forget the doorway during an earthquake. Get under a sturdy piece of furniture and hang on. If you happen to be in bed, stay put and get the pillow over your head. Keep a flashlight and a solid pair of shoes by every family member’s bed.

3. Twice a year, do a family or household practice drill. Plot two escape routes from each room.

4. Plan for your pets. If you have to relocate to an emergency shelter that doesn’t take pets, make sure you have an alternative choice. And if you have small animals,make sure to have carriers handy.

5. Make sure your in-house alarms are in working order. Have smoke and other alarms on each floor of your home. And install one in the garage also. Test them once a month and replace batteries as needed.

6. A spark near a gas leak can start a fire. If your home has gas appliances, make sure you know how to turn off the supply. And that every member of your family knows how to turn it off.

7. Where do you leave your cell phone at night? Is it accessible if you have to evacuate suddenly? How about your laptop? External back-up? Your wallet or purse?

8. Do you know how to open your garage door manually? 

9. And, do you have a plan to connect with your family members?

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