Holiday Travel Safety Reminder
Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit for the holidays! Or your family might be going to visit relatives for a celebration. We all know the safe travel guidelines via car, plane, or train. But once you get to your destination that is not your normal home layout, there is one thing to pay special attention to. Personal care products and medications that travel with you can cause unwanted and sometimes deadly problems. If you are spending time in a household with curious children (and even pets!) or you have children coming to visit your house, here is a very important reminder: Keep that cosmetic case or bathroom door unreachable! And even with that one sentence, here is the rest of it.
1. ALL medications should be in kid-proof containers.
2. ALL medications and over-the-counter drugs should be kept out of a curious child’s climbing area.
3. Poison Control numbers should be posted on the refrigerator or an easily visible place.’
4. Use the original container (not one of the daily dosage containers). Know how many pills are in the container. Know the exact name, dosage and strength of each medication. IF a mishap occurs, its not going to help if you just tell the ER that its for ‘blood pressure’ or ‘heart issues.’
5. NEVER EVER tell children its candy.
6. You are the adult. Don’t automatically expect that children of any age will respect your privacy.
7. Lock your baggage if need be when visiting. And if small persons are coming to your house, take those extra precautions. A little more time in being careful will be a lot better than time in the emergency room.

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