Since my wife an I are fond of road trips - I pay attention to stuff I get related to travel safety. A recent flyer I looked at had some great stuff on it!

Before your Hotel Stay:

Look for a Hotel with modern guestroom locks
Pay close attention to the hotel location
Take a close look at the security situation in the area / country you are staying in
Call ahead to see if the desk is staffed 24 hours and what kind of guards / cameras etc are on the premises
Make two copies of your passport / credit cards etc. One to take with you and one to leave at home with a family member or friend
Carry a working cell phone with you

When Checking In:

Identify a fire escape route
Ask what number to use in case of an emergency
Keep close tabs on a room key, wallet and a flashlight
Check the locks on the room windows
Make sure the attendant is told not to publicize your room number
Be aware of anyone within earshot of your check-in conversation

During the Stay

Use the peephole
Leave a pair of shoes near the bed in case you need a quick exit
Take all the room keys out with you
Use the main hotel entrance after dark

Room Safety Tips

Be careful around windows - people fall out of windows all the time
Make sure you keep tabs on the minibar to avoid surprising charges
Be Cautious drinking from glassware - just like the remote, germs germs germs
Keep Room # private - try not to let anyone you don't know hear the number
Always research and read reviews

This batch of suggestions should help you stay safer on a trip!!!

Remember, Your Home Insurance may have sub-limits on your luggage and the trip cancellation insurance that some auto insurance policies offers can be limited!