So - you want to go on a road trip? Don't just stand there and stare - get ready!

Ensure that your Car Battery is in Good Shape!
Check your Oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Water and filters.
Make sure you have your current registration, proof of Auto Insurance ;-) and tags in the glovebox
Check the tires and the spare tire!
Bring a set of chains if you're going to the mountains or "up north".

Make sure you double-check with your agent that your coverage is adequate
Make sure you have a fully charged cell phone before you go
Make sure you carry paper maps as a back up to your...
... GPS device.

Survival Kit:
Bring a case or two of water
Cooler and Ice
Camera, cords, chargers
Lists of Addresses
Hotel Confirmations
Duct Tape
Jumper Cables
Flares / Flashlight
First Aid Kit
Small Sewing Kit
INSECT REPELLANT (LOL - Jodie and I got eaten alive at Crater Lake!)