With the budget cuts and the priorities of government shifting away from law enforcement - it is important to defend yourself.

Burglars looks for certain things in a target. These sorts of things may also help lower your Roseville Home Insurance Rates!

Handy Hideouts - all those neat trees and shrubs look nice, but they can be used as hiding places. We recommend vegetation no higher than three feet and tree branches no higher than six feet.

Low-Grade Locks - Some old-style locks can be compromised with a credit card! You can go to Lowe's and get a new lock set for $30-$40 and put deadbolts on your outside doors.

Weak Windows - Dual Paned Windows are difficult to break and are very sturdy to being jimmied open.

Sounds of Silence - Dogs, even little tiny sausage-shaped things with loud shrill barks can ward off a burglar. If you don't have a dog - light timers or leaving a radio on when you go out can also help.

Advertised Absence - Burglars case houses for clues. You can go on line and have the USPS hold your mail - arrange to get your lawn mowed while gone, etc. Don't post on Facebook about your trip! (unless you have a house alarm or nosy neighbors!)

Conspicuous Caches - Thieves look in dressers, nightstands, Bedroom Closets and Freezers... try hiding valuables in other less obvious places.

Know-Nothing Neighbors - join or start a neighborhood watch group.

No Defense - installing cameras, an alarm, motion sensing lights, etc. will help - they also can trigger a discount on your Rocklin Home Insurance as well!