This place is a must-do for several reasons. #1 it gets 1/4 the visitors as Yosemite. King's Canyon gets even fewer visitors as it is another 50 miles away from the main area of Sequoia. 

Sequoia is 1 1/2 hours from Fresno, CA. This makes it a long drive from anywhere in California. (4.5 hours from where I live in the Sacramento Area). 

These parks are huge. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails and also the largest trees in the world. The Giant Sequoias are slightly less tall than the Redwoods but some are over 50 feet wide. This spectacle alone is what gives the Park international recognition.

In King's Canyon - there are a ton of easily accessible hiking trails. The problem there is insects. Wear netting or bring it with you. Repellant will not do a thing.

We did the Mist Falls Trail in King's Canyon, it is 8 miles and was really beautiful going up the canyon beyond the road's end and to a neat little waterfall.

IF you want to stay on flat land, the 4.6 mile sentinel trail that leaves from the same place is a good option.

A couple of touristy trails are the River Trail that you can do some or all of its' 5.5 miles in length and the Muir rock trail at 1.4 mile, the Zumwalt meadow trail at 1.5 miles or the Falls Trail at .5 miles. (Both are part of the River Trail)

King's Canyon is worth a day trip as the drive in from Grant Grove is awesome. This photo was shot near the falls on the mist falls trail. 

Unlike King's Canyon which has only a small sliver accessible via road - Sequoia has a ton of Tourist stuff and hiking alike.

Here are the hikes we've done (and recommend) in Sequoia:

Muir Grove Trail - A hike to a relatively secluded section of large trees. It feels wilderness-ey but at 4 miles round trip is not that long.

Trail of the Sequoias - after the first .75 mile, you've got relative peace and quiet and at 6 miles is a neat and diverse trip. 

Moro Rock - the most popular spot in the park:

IT is only .25 mile but is 300+ steps. 

We also took a hike to cascade falls - another 2 mile up and back trip. 

Near the entrance is the .6 mile General Grant Tree Trail

These are the pick of the litter for a short 2-3 day trip to the area. We have a few other trails on our list and will be sure to update this blog when we hit them.

Sequoia and King's Canyon get nowhere near the attention of Yosemite, but they deserve it. 


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