This was another cool feature of the Helicopter Trip we took... I was able to recognize a lot of the areas we went to. 

Once such area was the Rocky Point Nature trail which was right on the edge of the devastated area on the far side of Lake McDonald. Most of the Trail was wooded, but the wildfire of 2003 scorched 10% of the park and got very close to the campground. Seeing it from the air was surreal. 

So this the actual Rocky Point - note the glistening lake water. I love these northern lakes and the color of the water in them.

This next shot is from right where the trail turns inland and at the edge of the devastated area... 

The next two shots are from the air - you can see the cut-out of the trail in the first shot and the second, you can see the parking area where we left from to start the trail.

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