“But I have insurance! What do you mean I’m not covered?” Yikes! There are some incidents that you need extra coverage for and we want to make sure you have all the bases covered. Check this list over and see if you are missing anything. We might have some answers for you. Give us a call!

1. Flooding. There is coverage through the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program, managed by FEMA. Your homeowner’s policy does not automatically cover it.

2. Earthquakes. This type of coverage is usually only an issue in areas that face high risks of events, however with more possible quakes happening because of fracking and drilling, it could be a good idea to have this type of protection.

3. Deductibles. According to the Consumer Federation of American, deductibles are rising as much as 2 to 5 percent.

4. Simultaneous events. Because of the technical term known as “anticoncurrent causation,” if two events happen at once, and one of those events is not covered, then the policy might not cover damage from either event.

5. Post-traumatic emotional support. Homeowners experiencing property losses are often in need of emotional support in addition to financial help. Most likely, your policy is not going to be of help here.

6. Multiple bids. Insurance companies often recommend specific contractors to handle repairs, but a better strategy for homeowners may be to solicit competing bids, including from contractors not associated with the insurance company.

7. Lost wages. Filing for coverage after damage, as well as any necessary appeals, can be time-consuming work, and can take away from work time. Insurance doesn’t typically reimburse homeowners for lost wages.

8. A total rebuild. Most insurance policies have caps, which means they might not cover the cost of completely rebuilding a home after a fire, for example. Most homeowners, though, mistakenly think policies do cover that full cost of rebuilding.

9. Burst pipes. While insurance policies often cover damage caused by burst pipes, they typically don’t if the burst pipe is caused by homeowner negligence. That includes forgetting to drain pipes or leave the heat on during a winter vacation.

10. Required upgrades. Even if new laws require updates in undamaged parts of a home, insurance policies usually don’t cover those costs. Homeowners worried about this can take out extra "ordinance or law" coverage.

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