Here is another one of those no one ever goes to parks. The busiest we ever have seen Canyonlands was on Labor Day and at that, we got several trails to ourselves.

Canyonlands has three districts - Island in the Sky, which is near Moab, Utah gets 400,000 visitors a year. The Needles, which is about 70 miles from Moab gets only about 100,000 a year and the Maze (accessible mostly by 4x4 Vehicles Only) gets 30,000 visitors a year.

Canyonlands is different because the views are massive and at a distance. The drive in to the Needles is an exception and another exception is if you are able to use a 4x4 to drive some of the insane park roads.

These two shots were from a little-known trail off of a Picnic Area and give you an excellent sample of the types of views you can see from Grandview Point and Murphy Point as well.

There is also the famous Mesa Arch, which is about the most popular spot in the park - below is a shot form the top of Elephant Rock. 

If you're going to visit the more famous Arches National Park - why not visit Canyonlands as well!?

The Allure of the Needles District is the drive in. 

It is about 30 miles in from the main Highway to the Needles District, but it is an awesome drive. 

We were lucky on our second visit to catch some wildflowers...

We highly recommend Canyonlands - in many respects, we like it better than its' more famous neighbor, Arches.

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