Mesa Verde gets a ton of visitors, some 2.2-2.4 million a year. It is also open year-round, though part of the park closes between Memorial and Labor Day. 

The most popular attractions require a ticket for a tour which cost $4 a person. There is the Cliff House and Balcony House. We bought the Cliff House:

The best trail in the park is called Petroglyph Point. It is pretty lightly traveled even though it takes off from one of the most heavily traveled parts of the park, the visitor center. You get some Petroglyphs and some amazing shots of the Canyon where the Cliff Dwellings were Built

At the end/ beginning of the trail is the Spruce House, which you do not need a tour to see:

You also get a ton of overlooks and the like from the main park road that yield a bunch of  historical interests. What is absurd is that they deliberately conceal the locations of over 600 archaeological sites and, worse by law they can no longer be excavated. 

On the way out, there is a diversion to the fire lookout at the highest point in the park that gives you some neat long-range views:

And lastly, we did a trail called the Knife Edge Trail that runs along the path of the old park road that was inexplicably built along the outside edge of the mesas. It has been decimated by rockslides and landslides. 

We visited after monsoon season and were treated to a near spectacular wildflower display. Hard to believe there was once a road here! 

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