Those unexpected fees of anywhere from $10 to $50 or more can add up up quicker than you realize - bank fees, travel fees, amenity fees at resorts. Here are some ways to avoid getting dinged.

Hotel cancellation and check-in changes can cost a lot. Most chains require a 24 hour notice, unless there is a very good reason (flight delay or emergency situation). Booking a higher rate room can help to avoid this cost.
Amenities provided by a hotel or resort can end up costing a lot. Before booking, check the website for what is charged - usually minibars and internet access. Accepting a slower connection speed might alleviate the wi-fi charge. And, don’t assume that the bottle of water on the desk is free. Consider taking a small cooler and fill it with ice to keep drinks cold.

Luggage on planes is becoming quite a costly event as we all know. Each airline has a different charge rate. Oversize, overweight, tickets purchased online or at the airport. Check the website CLOSELY to make sure you aren’t going to have to pony up extra money. We know one traveler who layered her wardrobe to avoid the extra cost!

Car rental extras and insurance. Your auto insurance should cover a rental car. And if you paid with a credit card you are probably covered. (Check with us to make sure). If you have a smartphone with GPS, you don’t need to rent one in the car. A car seat is about $11 a day. And if you smoke in the car, be pre-pared to shell out at least a fee of $250.

Credit card fees add up. If you use a card on a regular basis and have rewards that make it worth it, then not a problem. However, if it rarely gets used, consider finding one that doesn’t have a fee.

Bank account maintenance fees. Each bank seems to have a different rate schedule. Direct deposit of a paycheck, minimum balance, student, can cost as much as $13.00 a month. Consider a credit union or community bank instead. Most of them do not charge a monthly fee. And ATM fees at out of network machines usually cost from $4 to $6 per transaction. Make sure you know where your bank ATMs are located.

Ticket service charges. Almost unavoidable unless you buy direct from the box office, provided you get there before a hot concert sells out. They have become unavoidable, but you should be able to lower some of the cost by printing them yourself, or downloading them to a smartphone.

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