California Senior Driver Insurance

If you are over the age of 50, you may qualify for a special senior driver policy that could save you 10-40% or more. If your policy was not issued specifically for senior drivers, you could be getting ripped off!

We are approved to offer the Hartford AARP program that features enormous discounts on Home and Auto Insurance!

In your golden years, you can take advantage of many discount programs tailored to you. Auto insurance is no exception.

If done correctly, senior driver car insurance relies on the length of your good driving record to discount the premiums you pay.

It's your lifetime resume of great car driving paying you back with lower costs because an insurance company has plenty of history to know that you are a low risk driver.

A lot of people think their insurance indexes for age. Not necessarily--a policy that you took out before the age of 55 may just keep charging you a higher baseline premium for years.

We think you could certainly use that money for something better than higher insurance rates!

Getting a quote is quick and simple. And, we do the paperwork for you! Don't delay - check out what we have to offer, you could save up to 37% off of your Home and Auto Insurance.