Safe Holiday Party Tips

Safe Holiday Party Tips
Holiday parties, whether private or company, have changed dramatically in the last few years. It’s not the “Mad Men” scenario anymore. Harassment charges happened, people got hurt, or even killed, in drunk driving accidents, personal items sometimes stolen or broken. Things have changed, for the better. If you are planning on a holiday gathering, here are some helpful ideas to keep things from getting out of control.
 If you are planning a private party in your home, be aware that you can be liable for a number of damages or legal charges if things go wrong. When guests arrive, ask who the designated driver is and give them a lapel sticker to wear that says just that. And collect car keys in a bowl with owner’s names. Be firm at the end of the evening about returning keys to someone who perhaps should not be driving.
 Have a list of alternative transportation options available. Many communities provide free rides and towing during the holiday season. Find out ahead of time if yours does. Even if there is a small charge, its going to be less than legal fees for the party host, or a guest who ends up with a DUI charge.
 Have a wide range of food and activities planned. Board games, cards, dancing take the focus off drinking. Make coffee a couple of hours before the end of the party.
 Be firm about refusing to return keys to someone who you think has had too much to drink. If need be, give them a pillow and a blanket and point them in the direction of the sofa or have one of the designated drivers take them home. The legal responsibility can possibly come back on you.
Be safe, think ahead, and have a good time!

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