Rocklin Home Insurance – Your Safety Net!

Have you ever:

  • Had a tree crash into a roof or through the back window?
  • Had an exploding wash machine leave a monster mess of water on the floor?
  • Been sued? (Welcome to California) Been threatened with a lawsuit?
  • Had a kitchen fire?

There are a ton of insane, ridiculous things that could happen in life – and not having the proper home insurance could put everything you love and your nest in peril. The life you love could disappear or be damaged forever in the aftermath of tragedy without the proper insurance coverage in force.

This is why having the proper, complete Home Insurance Policy you deserve is as important as anything else in your life!

Contact Park Family Insurance for Rocklin Home Insurance now, to preserve and protect your possessions, loved ones and your assets with the proper Rocklin Home Insurance. We serve all of South Placer County Home Insurance as well as the rest of California Home Insurance needs.

What About…?

We offer home insurance that we believe is the best possible insurance for a reasonable price. We get in to detail about the coverages offered and your situation to make sure you are covered at claim time.

How much is your home now worth to replace? Do you have a wood roof or a tile roof? Are you aware of what has changed in building codes in the last several years? Does your current policy cover full replacement cost or not? What’s your deductible? What’s excluded? Call us at 775-800-9545 now!

Park Family Insurance

When “it” happens – hindsight afterward about “woulda-coulda-shoulda” before the event is for the reckless. The responsible know better – this is why you can save yourself the heartache of an incomplete claim or worse no claim being paid at all.

We have provided Home Insurance all over California since 1999. We live here, we shop here, we raised our families here. We know Rocklin home insurance. We also understand that the amount of money equivalent to you saving up a lifetime of premium on an annual Rocklin homeowners insurance policy, you could be lose or be liable for in a five second tragedy.

Use the form on the side and our team of Insurance Gurus will get to work for you today!

We are not just limited to South Placer County, we have dozens of clients in Sacramento County and El Dorado County (and all over California for that matter) – give us a shot to secure what’s most important to you.

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