Choosing the Right Nevada Life Insurance at the Best Price

Buying life insurance is one of the most important things you can do for the security of your family — or to create a bequest for others you care deeply about.

It’s not an easy topic to think or talk about. And there are some key decisions to be made about the most appropriate life insurance for your needs AND your budget.

So, when you decide it’s time to do just that, you need to call on the understanding and expertise of Reno’s Nevada life insurance professionals at Park Family Insurance.

Family is Important to Us

Our name tells you why. We’re a family firm. We know about the value of relationships and the importance of acting responsibly in the interests of others.

So, when the time comes to make a claim on your life policy, you can count on us to work smartly, sympathetically and confidentially with your dependents or other beneficiaries.

Not only that but, because we’re an independent agency, we work with a number of leading life insurers. We’re not just tied to one insurance company, which means we can shop around for the best-value coverage.

The Battle Born Park Brothers Nevada Life Insurance Program

The building blocks of life insurance are quite simple. But to be sure you buy the right protection, we’ll explain the different types of Reno Nevada life insurance policies and help you decide what’s right for you now, and in the future.

Although there are some variations, there are two basic types of life insurance — one that covers a particular span of time, known as Term Life Insurance and one that covers you for your entire lifetime and pays out no matter when you die — even if you live to 120! This is known as Permanent Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance.

Both have one thing in common — the older you are when you take out your life insurance policy, the higher the premium will be. Or, to put it another way, the younger you are when you make this key decision, the cheaper it will be.

Term Insurance versus Permanent Insurance

But the big difference is that because term life insurance covers a specific period, and therefore may not pay out if you live beyond that period (which we hope you do!), the premium is significantly lower than the cost of whole life insurance.

In fact, term life insurance is so cheap, especially for younger people, it’s possible to buy very large levels of coverage at fairly low cost. This can make sense when your budget is tight but you’re also passing through an expensive financial stage such as bringing up a family, paying for college and so on.

However, if you buy permanent life insurance, you’ll be securing a guaranteed sum for your loved ones no matter when. And this type of policy may also offer other advantages such as being able to use it either to build-up savings or as collateral against which you can raise cash.

What Should I Do Now to Secure the Right Life Insurance?

Talk to the Reno Nevada life insurance specialists at Park Family Insurance. Let’s discuss your priorities and customize a plan for you, whether you want to provide income for your dependents, create a bequest or inheritance for others, or simply meet funeral, burial, probate and other costs.

Because we know and understand all about family, we promise to make it easy and keep it simple.

Get the Answers

In fact, let’s start right now by offering you the opportunity for a free, no commitment quote for the various Nevada life insurance options open to you. At the same time, we can answer your questions and fill in the blanks in your understanding.

There’s no commitment of any sort. We’ll just give you the facts. So, pick up the phone and call us or contact us now through this website.


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