How to Get a Good Deal on Reno Car Insurance for Teens

It’s a simple indisputable fact: Teen drivers are significantly more likely to be in an auto crash than the rest of us. And the younger the teen, the higher the collision risk.

That’s why insurance companies charge a lot more to insure them.

BUT, hold on! That shouldn’t mean you have to pay a ridiculously high premium, or that you can’t find ways of making big savings.

All you need is an expert on Reno car insurance for teens. And we have that expertise right here at Park Family Insurance.

Our name says it all — we’re all about family, so we understand family budgeting and the importance of taking family responsibilities, like driving, seriously. That’s why we aim to be the go-to source for insurance for teen drivers in Reno.

The Best Way to Insure Your Teen

Age is so important, that most insurers operate a year-by-year sliding scale for premiums — with 16-year-olds being the most expensive.

It’s way cheaper though to have your teen added to their parents’ policy than it is for them to have their own standalone coverage.

In Nevada, a standalone policy for a 16-year-old will likely cost more than $5,000, but adding their name to their parents’ coverage would cost an additional sum of about $1,500.

(Note: These are just sample numbers — the rate depends on several other factors including gender — boys are more expensive to insure than girls!)

The way to do this is to add the teen to your own existing policy, then buy the additional car (if that is the plan)  and insure it under the same policy.

Reno Teen Driver Insurance Requirements

In Nevada, the law requires that teens have minimum liability cover of $15,000 per person or $30,000 total per accident for bodily injury, plus $10,000 for property damage.

This is among the lowest legal requirements in the US but it doesn’t pan out to the lowest insurance premiums.

However, if your teen’s name has been added to your own policy, they should be covered by the same protections you’ve opted for — such as collision, comprehensive and uninsured/underinsured driver coverage.

How to Save Money on Reno Care Insurance for Teens

There are several things you can do to keep the premium cost down for the Reno teen driver in your family.

First, it’s important to know that teen car insurance companies can differ hugely in the rates they charge — perhaps more so than in any other type of insurance.

That means you need to carefully compare rates. But you don’t have to do the shopping around yourself. Park Family Insurance will do that for you.

Second, there’s also a big difference in how much insurance costs for different autos and models. Ideally, you should investigate this before buying. And again, Park Family Insurance can help. We have access to lists of the cheapest and most expensive cars to insure.

Third, many insurers offer generous discounts, for example good-student reductions, a good driving record, or completion of recognized safe driver training.

Most recently, some insurers have begun offering good discounts when a vehicle is fitted with speed and safety monitoring equipment. Talk to us about this if you want to know more.

More Help with Reno Insurance for Teen Drivers

The difference between buying auto insurance direct from big nationwide brand names and buying through a local agent like Park Family Insurance is in the personal touch we add and our understanding of the local insurance marketplace.

You won’t pay more by coming to Park but you will get more in terms of advice and support — especially if you need to make a claim on your Reno teen auto insurance policy.

We can also answer your questions, point you to the best savings, and give you guidance on how to help your teen become a safer driver.

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